29 May 2010

Small blog of furtherf information, about the interview, will be updated here shortly

The Hot Nude Yoga studios - could not take any photos during the class - they were all nude. So I took one afterwards.. I would have been just on the left... nude.

"Sizzle" (that's her name), but what better than a show from the Starshine Burlesque.

Miss Scarlet Spitfire did a terrific performance.. and who can say 'no' to a girl in work gear.

Right... Ravi the Scorpian Mystic twisted himself like a crushed Wotsit.

A classic routine, from Miss Veronic Barlow, that gave me another reason to smile...

...And her finale was very smooth.

The lovely, Creamy Stevens - is she keeps picking it, it will never heal.

The ever-holier-than-thou, Sister Frederick. Just don't confuse her for Rose Wood.

The troupe of Starshine Burlesque...

... could not fit them all in one picture.

Hot Nude Yoga - not just for Gay men. It was interesting, and very sweaty.

A great show - what a finale!