About A Scouser in California

Merseyside born and bred. Do I really have to give more information than that?

September 1975 I was born.. a fat little kid who could not sit up straight. But within the year I was bigger and able to hold my own weight (and a lot of it there was).
Being the youngest of 4 had it's moments - especially being the only lad.
As the years went on my life took it's tosses and turns - being a pacifict never helped - but I came through it alright.

Lived in Kirkby - Seaforth - Waterloo and Liverpool over the years. Went to high school in Netherton; college in Aigburth; Liverpool city centre; and in St. Helens. I got around a fair bit.

Eventually grew up - worked around Liverpool from being a Strip-a-gram to Mobile D.J. to Television cameraman. Some stories I can tell you. Eventually settled within television, which is my present vocation, but always miss the D.J. years.

It was during thos D.J. years I was introduced to Mr. Kevin Gurney and Mr. Roy Basnett, a bizarre turn in life of which I never returned. From some of the exploits, that usually involved me becoming naked, it brought us to 2007 where Kevin and Roy asked me send back the best that New York City had to offer a Scouser. How could I refuse, especially when they offered to pay (sort of). So there I was.. stuck in New York learning how to report by finding interesting places to go and people to meet.

Now we fast-forward to 2013 with hundreds of interviews, segments and live-reports under my belt. I found myself taking a 2000 mile leap further away from my homeland and landing in California.

I did, however, grow up a shy lad and the older I got, I realised it didn't work for me.. so through my years I decided that "why not" would be a great mantra to have. From being a long-haired hippy to shaving my head bald, to blonde and back - I've seen some strange things in my time; visited some interesting places; and spoken with some incredible people... and this is where we reach 2023.

It took several years to get my feet on solid ground and, surprisingly, there is opportunity for my being the radio hunter-gatherer again. So i've decided to dust off the old microphone-recording gear and hit the streets again to report by finding interesting places to go and people to meet... until then, be happy.

If I can think of anything more about me.. I'll be sure to put it in here.. and if you recognise me don't be afraid to drop me a line.