Guest and host photographs & links

Starting in 2007 Kevin and Roy (check the about us page) asked me send back the best which New York City had to offer a Scouser... yes, at that time I was living in NYC. So I first contemplated 'what can I produce for radio that would be more than just me rambling about things'. Then it dawned upon me, interviews.. people on the street... people attending annual tri-state area events and conventions.

So A Scouser in New York was born... fast-forward to 2010 and with numerous segments completed they finally got filed and aired on City Talk and Bolton FM radio in fortnightly segments, beginning with my terrible singing and theme music.

Well in 2013 I had to hang up the microphone as I moved 2000 miles further west from New York to California. Life was busy, as I tried to get a stable foundation under my feet and whilst taking around 10 years, but I finally got that foundation. So I decided to dust off the microphone recording gear and get back to work - for now I only have the original segment links and photographs available, but as I put myself back out there more (newer) will be added. Until then, be happy.